August 20, 2010

Welcome TheSupermodelsGallery.com Version 2.0. We will continue searching/posting high quality pictures and professional profiles of the most famous and beautiful models in the world.

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  • Walter Odenthal

    Of course it is subjective as well, however, I think your selection of models and chosen style of photography is exceptional. Thanks.

  • MEga

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  • khali

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  • italo riella

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  • maria

    hi, i have a question is the information about measurments and heights of the models official??

    • mojtaba

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  • i love this site!.. so entertaining!

  • demo

    Great site! When is the next update?

  • Where are all of the Dark skinned Models????
    No Black People at…Really!
    Is This a KKK site or what???

    • Bartox

      Apologies about that. I would also like to post more galleries from dark skinned models but it’s hard to find high resolution photos or even medium resolution pictures of them. I’ve published galleries of several Brazilian and Latin models but any from Afro-american or African models in general, they are incredible beautiful but it’s hard to find nice collections of quality images.

  • Puupää

    “Nationality: American”?
    America is a continent.
    United States would be the nation you mean.

    What’s with the “?9d7bd4” on the picture links? Why not just “.jpg”?

    • Bartox

      Yeah I can’t argue about the “American” thing, but that’s actually the demonym for people from United States. The ?9d7bd4 was some sort of token introduced by our cache mechanism.

  • prithvi

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