Heather Crook

October 4, 2012 British Models European Models featured Heather Crook

Heather Crook

Nationality: British

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Height: 5’8″ – 173cm

Measurements: (US) 32-27-39 – (EU) 82-68-99

Dress size: (US) 10 – (EU) 39

Shoe size: (US) 8 – (EU) 40


  • Alan Sharman Agency – UK

Advertisements: UK lingerie company Bravissimo.

  • Bindi


  • Bindi

    Does she know the meaning of the word “supermodel”??She is not a model to walk on a stage.

    • haha

      why do you disagree?would you see this plain model waking next to Alessandra Ambrosio?don’t you like the truth?she is nothing particular.period!!

    • haha

      She obviously doesn’t know and so many fake id’s here to support her!!wow!she is mad about her image!lol

  • Marv

    Are those a supermodel’s measurements?I mean 90-60-90?Or at least my measurements: 87-64-89?And I am not a model!Lol..In the pictures, her waist looks curvier but her measurements are:82-68-99 this means she is not at all very curvy.So,she has a small chest and not large as they pretend in the picture,a fat waist and very large hips.

    • haha

      Do you hate me,Heather Crook?You won’t change the truth with your fake votes!

  • mrbellybutton

    Love her bellybutton!

    • haha

      and her butt as well?thumb down for your fake flattery.

  • Chance Michaels

    Nice lips

  • Tony

    She looks perfect!

  • Kopit

    A really beautiful model. proper figure, natural body, lovely smile, and looks healthy…not a half dead anorexic. Long may she continue to brighten up my wifes catalogues 🙂

    • haha

      This model is not really beautiful for all the people!Try and understand.

    • haha

      Does she sleep with married men?????Wow!What a disgusting creature!She is ugly in real pictures.only in the Bravissimo pictures,she looks pretty but in La Senza or Debenhams,she looks average.They are not big artists with photoshop.THIS IS NOT JEALOUSY!It’s my honest opinion about a plain model .

  • Louis

    She is the best looking woman on earth! Perfect body, nothing else. If al models would look like her, and not like hungry dead girls, fashion shows would be nice to look at.

  • haha

    I laugh when I see so many losers from UK trying to promote a very plain and average looking model.She just can’t stand than truth that she looks like a lot of women in the street.This woman is not really beautiful.She is pretty and in real pictures,she is plain and totally unattractive.Now,you may give me 100 of thumbs down.I can understand her fury.

  • Pushpandra Singh

    Hiiiiii Heather………….

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  • vnbrtzl

    Baby hips

  • vnbrtzl

    No gap

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